TVDx – Allergy testing to insect venoms

What is the allergy test TVDx (Total Venom Diagnosis)

TVDx is an important tool for a complete control of the allergens found in insect venoms (e.g. such as bee and wasp venoms) that are responsible for causing an allergic reaction or possibly anaphylaxis that can cause death.

Why would I do that?

TVDx is a useful tool for the allergist for diagnosis, prevention, and selection of the appropriate immunotherapy for the patient.

Which Allergens does TVDx test for?

The 11 allergens that TVDx tests for are:
i1 Bee venom (extract)
i3 Wasp venom (extract)
i75 European great wasp venom (extract)
i77 European paper wasp venom (extract)
i208 rApi m1 (recombinant)
i213 rApi m2 (recombined)
i216 rApi m10 (recombinant)
i210 rPol d5 (recombined)
i209 rVes v5 (recombined)
i220 rPol d1 (recombined)
i211 rVes v1 (recombined)
CCD CCD (Cross Reactivity Index)

How much is the TVDx?

TVDx is a protocol made exclusively at Startbio and costs 85€

How the Test is done TVDx?

TVDx is done by simple blood sampling with a small amount of blood (125 ul of serum)

How many days do the results come out?

The time of results is about 3-5 days

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